Espresso Dresser

This isn't one of those dressers that ends up dumped at the end of someone's driveway. This one was crafted to last a lifetime. Each and every piece is real wood, the drawers are double-reinforced, and the cabinet is built around a 3-piece frame. At 48" x 32" x 16," there's plenty of storage space in 5 9"-deep drawers. The finish is maple, with espresso stain and satin varnish.

Dresser/Change Table

Custom made in every detail, this dresser/change table was sized for a petite mother-to-be and finished to match the nursery decor. Built from solid wood, it's surprisingly heavy for its size and built to last for generations. The 3 deep drawers glide on the dresser's wood frames, eliminating the need for fragile tracks and rails. The top is sized just right for baby's change pad. Finished with easy-to-clean acrylic paint, this piece of furniture is 36" x 33 1/2" x 16."



Combining fashion with function, the nightstand
is a classic piece of furniture that never goes out of style. These nightstands were ordered to match a dresser. They are 19" x 17" x 16." Built from pine and pine laminate on a 1 x 3 frame, these beauties are sturdy and made to last. Each has a nice deep drawer along with space below for storing books and magazines. The Spanish oak stain is finished with gloss varnish.

$155 each

Nightstands can be fun, as well as functional.
These modern-looking beauties were made to match a customer's dresser and feature a deep drawer and storage space for reading materials. Made from solid pine, these nightstands were finished with Sedona red stain and semi-gloss varnish. They are 26" x 16" x 16." 
$155 each 

2-Drawer Night Table

Here's a handy pine night table
built to last a lifetime on a hidden
3-piece frame. The table is 18" x 20" x 13"
with 2 deep drawers made from solid wood.
The dark mahogany stain is finished
with satin varnish.